Hello and Welcome to ‘SocialBlenders’

You may be asking what can this blog do for me? What can I get out of it? And the answer to this question is in our name! 

We want to provide you with the ultimate recipe to up your social media game! Much like making a smoothie or juice we will tell you what ingredients work best together for your desired flavour outcome! We will equip you with knowledge of many social media platforms, their best uses and how they interact with other platforms. We will also provide you with necessary knowledge to determine which platform best suits you in terms of accounts you already have and your desired outcome. 

Some of the many platforms we will cover include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google accounts and YouTube. We will provide you with these new recipes every Wednesday and Sunday at 7pm. Feel free to get in contact with us through our Email or Facebook regarding any queries or any topics you would like to see from us next.

Our team is excited to blend up the world of social media and guide you through the age of digital media. We will talk to you soon!

Our Goals


We assist in making sure people are aware of the different platforms and how to use them independently.


Using integration mechanics within platforms, our team helps in conveying the easy creation of simple social media accounts.


Using industry knowledge, SocialBlenders lets you know how to make your social media accounts a united online experience.

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SocialBlenders is an Australian-based social media blogging team studying at the University of Sydney

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